GISRS Organization

Essencial part of WHO Influenza Surveillance Program worldwide, with us since 1952.

Influenza surveillance worldwide

Currently, the GISRS includes 141 National Influenza Centers (NICs) located in 110 countries whose mission is to isolate and characterize circulating influenza viruses in their geographic area. These viruses are then compared with each other at five WHO Collaborating Centers for Influenza Research and Reference [WHO CC]) located around the world (London, Melbourne, Beijing Pekín, Tokio and Atlanta) in order to detect the new variants and select those that should be included in the vaccine for the following season.

Through the Influenza Surveillance Program, WHO collects and analyzes epidemiological and virological data from diferent countries, areas and territories of the world, based on their voluntary participation to share their influenza surveillance data. Epidemiological and virological data information are declarated using internet through a system called FluNet coordinted by the WHO.

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